Daphne Goode
Access Coordinator, Programming, Shaw Communications Inc.

Lori Elder is a totally engaged and talented communications expert! I have worked with Lori on several projects and truly appreciate her great energy, thought-provoking questions, and in-depth knowledge and skills. Lori is goal oriented and especially adaptable to different budgets and organizations. Her social media skills are excellent. Her work ethic is second to none, and she brings a great deal of joy to any project! I would highly recommend Lori, not only for her excellent skills, and as a communicator with vision, but also because she is a quality human being.

Shannon Feeney
Senior Recruiter at Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd.  

I worked with Lori for over 7 years while volunteering as Human Resources Chair and Board Member with Volunteer Victoria. Lori and I worked on several projects together over that time. She is extremely knowledgable in the areas of communications, social media, public relations and community relations, particularly in the not-for-profit sectors. Lori is highly organized and works collaboratively with her team members and external customers to deliver quality results. And the best part….she is passionate about what she does and super fun to work with! I highly recommend Lori – any company would be lucky to have her on their team.

Karen Kesteloo
Board of Directors, Garth Homer Foundation
Principal at BKG Consulting Group Ltd.

We were very fortunate to be able to engage Lori to work with us on a recent campaign project. Lori brought a level of enthusiasm and energy that was only surpassed by her writing skills. Thanks Lori!

Paul Holmes
Technology Ambassador at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions
Co-Producer of Social Media Camp

Lori is a skilled communicator of the highest level. Her talents combine a foundation in traditional media and marketing, along with a thorough understanding of digital communications and social media. This combination gives her the capacity to determine the best approach in both.

Lori is also a widely respected leader in the community, particularly in her role working with the non-profit sector, both at Volunteer Victoria, and her work since.

Because of both her leadership role and her skills, I have invited Lori on several occasions to facilitate non-profit oriented sessions at Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest social media conference. She has done an admirable job, and the feedback has always been outstanding.

Lori is one of those unique people who successfully combine energy, hard work and passion with diligence and thoughtfulness. She is an absolute joy to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, particularly for a role within or working with the non-profit sector.

Derek Juno
Vice-President Business Development, Mealshare Aid Society

Lori Elder sincerest thanks for your leadership, hard work and dedication as the Victoria Community Leader for Mealshare Aid Society.

Lorena (Lori) Staples, Q.C.
President at Lorena P.D. Staples Law Corporation

I have known Lori Elder for decades, and have always been impressed with her stellar professional and personal qualities – her deep knowledge of her chosen profession, her boundless enthusiasm for helping people, her honesty and work ethic.

When I decided to make the change from a law firm partner to a solo practitioner, Lori was, and still is, my go to person for marketing and public relations. Anyone in the business or the non-profit sectors would be well served by Lori.

Lisa Mort-Putland
Executive Director, Volunteer Victoria

Lori  is so much more than a communications specialist with excellent skills. She cares about people and their journey, she understands the non-profit community, and brings boundless energy and professionalism to every project.

Elizabeth (Liz) Summers CFP FMA FCSI
Senior Financial Planner – Certified Retirement Specialist – TD Wealth

As Board Chair for Volunteer Victoria (2010 -2012), Vice Chair (2008 – 2010) and as Past Chair, I have been privileged to work with Lori on a variety of projects.

As staff lead for 8 years, Lori built strong relationships and partnerships within the business community. She did this both through her work with the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (including as Chair of their Ambassador Committee), and our Community Investment Network (CIN). Lori can always be counted upon to provide ongoing value to whatever she undertakes.

Lori is fearless in her approach to new ideas, is a self-starter and very much a team player, bringing new ideas to not only the CIN, but all of her many projects. She helped our committee to work as a seamless team to bring the Network to the success it has now experienced with over 24 (and growing!) engaged and effective corporate members.

It has been an honour to work with Lori, and what she has achieved in this time is superior in every way. I am humbled by her many skills and accomplishments, and would absolutely recommend Lori in her future endeavors

Peter Miles
Account Manager at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Director of Sales at StrataPress

In her role as Chair of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee, Lori has proven to be an invaluable part of the outreach/retention program. Lori has always brought indelible commitment, networking savvy and a stellar sense of humour to every facet in her role as Chair. I can attest from the front lines during my tenure at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce that Lori not only improved relationships, and bolstered the identity of the Chamber, but also left a legacy of “always giving back and paying it forward” at every single turn.

I would recommend Lori for virtually any endeavour she chooses!

Tara (MacDonald) Jaskowiak
Youth Program Coordinator, Volunteer Victoria

I had the opportunity to work with Lori for 3 years, while I was the Youth Program Coordinator at Volunteer Victoria. She was incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and dedicated to both her role and the greater community. I learned a great deal by observing Lori in her role and am thankful for all the teachable moments she shared with me – whether it was tips on where to look/what to say when being interviewed and how to write a press release to how to interview clients and great networking tips, she was someone I could count on for advice and feedback. Lori is passionate about her community and the stakeholders who support it – I would highly recommend working with Lori if you are interested in building your community.

Joan Stiebel
The Placement Group

Lori is dedicated and enthusiastic about volunteering. She is helpful, welcoming and warm. She gives 100% all the time and anyone who has met her will remember her sunny personality.

Bonny Brewer
Manager, Business Services, and Leasing

Lori’s skilfulness, work ethic and professionalism have always been superior, and as former colleagues, I found her to be a pleasure to work with. A company fortunate enough to have Lori as part of their team will find that her significant contribution is invaluable.